September 19, 2019
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If you’re looking for a simple way to upgrade the look of any room in your home, the answer is at your fingertips. What kind of switch plates are in the room currently? If your answer is plastic, an upgrade to brushed nickel may provide a simple solution to your decorating dilemma. Brushed nickel’s charming sheen has been attracting the eye of man for centuries. Its beauty, weight, and smooth surface offer a high-end look to any room. With a wide range of finishes, you can make the room traditional or modern, or possibly something in between.

Advantages of Metal Plates

Metal plates are far superior to plastic in more than the looks department. Plastic can scratch or break, exposing interior wires. Not only are metal plates more durable and reliable, they offer a lower profile with a smooth beveled edge that curves back to the wall, creating a sleek, sophisticated look. If the time comes when you want something new, metal plates are 100% recyclable. Metal plates are offered in a myriad of finishes, so you can create a look from traditional, by using a stamped, cast metal design, or modern, with a brushed or satin finish.

How to Keep your Switch Plates Clean

Metal plates are easy to take care of, but should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a year. When you do your spring cleaning, don’t overlook the switch plates in the room. Turn off the current for the room at the fuse box and unscrew the plates. Using a microfiber towel and a cleaning solution, spray the cleaner on the cloth and then clean the plate and the toggle switch. Avoid spraying the cleaner directly onto the toggle or the plate. Allow both parts to dry completely before screwing the plate back on the wall.

Things to Consider

When buying replacement switch plates, consider the whole house rather than just one room. You can change the plates out one room at a time, but take a survey of the needs of each room and make certain all the sizes and configurations you will need are available, since custom plate covers can drive up the cost. You also want to check the reviews of the company to see what others are saying about the company’s product line. Look at several different companies and their selections before making your decision to buy a brushed nickel switch plate.